Czech Grand Prix Discussions Underway

Czech Grand Prix - Brno Circuit

Preliminary discussions over a return to the Czech Republic for the first Czech Grand Prix since 1997 are under way.

The Czechoslovakian Grand Prix was a regular fixture on the Grand Prix roster in the 70’s and 80’s and then for one last time in 1997 before the split country split into 2 independent states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The event took place at Masaryk Circuit now referred to as Brno Circuit formed part of the European Touring Car Championship series.

Brno Circuit currently plays host to the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic motorbike event which is held on a yearly basis.

The FIA are holding discussions with Czech racing authorities and the local government about the possibility of holding a one off grand prix at this historic circuit.

Potential sponsors Czech Casino Online are on board to help fund the event however there are a number of issues to iron out including noise issues and local legislation, not to mention the feasibility of being able to host that volume of traffic coming into the area.

Renting Cars for the Nurburgring Race Circuit


In 2016 we plan to organise a trip to the Nurburgring so this article discusses car rental at the Nurburgring.

Avoid the rookie mistake of renting too much car. If you are unfamiliar with the track and the traffic you will encounter it would be foolish to dole out cash for a Porsche GT3, for example. I hear people trying to justify these extravagant rentals, using terms like ’more fun’ ‘once in a lifetime’.

But it all comes down to a pricey ride for an ego trip, if you ask me, the amount of fun you will take away from this experience has nothing to do with extravagance of your car. If you do not actually drive a 1000 hp Mansory GT2 in your day to day life, you can’t hope to enjoy one on the Nordschleife. Here are the reasons why:

Problems with driving high-power, high-cost automobiles in the Touristenfahrten

  • Increased Performance Expectations — The driver of a powerful vehicle will often feel the need to outperform in every way; slamming the gas at each straightway in an effort to justify the expensive choice of car and increasing the possibility of hitting the curves at excessive speeds and losing control.
  • The Ego Smack — Drivers in an extravagant Porsche GT3 will invariably feel a sharp prick to the ego when overtaken by an unassuming Golf mk2 that has proven a worthy contender on the asphalt — this can actually spoil the fun.
  • Accident Prone —In all my years of experience renting cars, I can say that M3s and GT3s do fewer miles before the inevitable collision than any other rental car.

The Advantages of the renting the Clio or Swift

  • Cost Effective — Spending less means you are able to complete more laps in a day.
  • -No Worries — No need to worry about the expense of the car just get comfy and learn the Nordschleife.
  • -No Ego Smack — If you are overtaken and by a Ferrari, big deal! But, if you overtake a Ferrari in your Clio, You go home a hero!
  • Reduced Risk of Crashing — There is a diminished risk of accidents with a cheaper automobile, and if the worst should happen you are not looking at an economically debilitating fee — just over €2500, at the low end.

“But Wait,” I hear some people shout “ I am not like these other rookie types, I have experience with racing and want a car I can tell stories about!”

That’s great, but do you think your experience is going to help you come in first place against an entire list of Minis? Or Swifts? Probably not, especially if this is your first visit to the circuit. You would glean more experience in a Clio for 25 laps then you will in a GT3 for only 4.

“Yeah… but I don’t know if I will ever come back. I really want to make the most of this Day!”

This is perfectly understandable, but being on the blacktop at Nuremberg is a momentous occasion enough without your wrecking an expensive vehicle. If you really want to get behind the wheel of an exotic car, may I suggest a road tour with RSR and a more sensible car for high speeds and racetracks?

Why Driving a regular ‘Airport Rental’ is not a Good Idea

Driving a regular rental is not a good idea for many reasons. First, rental companies like Hertz, Europcar and Avis expressedly forbid the use of their cars for competitions on race circuits, namely the Nordschleife in touristenfahrten. Should the worst happen and the driver kills/injures someone in a crash, third-parties may be covered by the Rental Insurance — depending on the caliber of lawyer handling the case and the height of their fee.

But you will still owe the company a car

While the ‘econo-box’ is not likely to feature GPS tracking devices to reveal the locations the car has visited, any experienced rental company is going to notice the blue brake discs and heat damage on the tires, indicative of competitive driving.

They can also look up online databases and produce photo evidence that the car was driven at a race. There have been many lifetime bans delivered as well as charges of up to €2000 levied to drivers who are on their return flight.

Oh, and if you think the premium rental companies, like 911 or M3, will be any easier to fool you’d be mistaken. Your phone will be ringing as you pull into the North loop; these guys are always a step ahead.

The only times a driver may get away with a stunt like this would be during one of those mid-winter openings where there will be few photographers to produce photographic evidence. Just be sure to drive at nice 30 mph and be sure you leave no evidence of accidents on the car.

The Worst Case Scenario

But no matter what you do, you must always keep the Worst Case Scenario in mind. Only a fool will neglect this portion of the agreement. During my years in the business, I would make an effort to make this part both dire and unmistakably clear. Better to be scared than unprepared.

This is the small print you should bear in mind before you drive onto a racetrack.

  • What is the maximum amount you will be required to pay for damages to the vehicle?
  • What is the maximum amount that you will be asked to pay for damages and crashes on the Nurburgring?— I have seen accidents that cost as much as €12000, but they average at around €2000.
  • What is the maximum you will be asked to pay for damage to another vehicle? Some companies require their customers to pay a penalty covering this.

What Is Track Day Insurance And How Can You Obtain It?


Racing your car or simply driving your vehicle on a track for training or demonstration purposes is a very exciting activity. You need to be a responsible driver to stay safe on the track, which includes insuring your car.

You may carry regular coverage on your vehicle but you need to know that auto insurance providers will not cover you if you take too many risks. This includes driving your car on a track. Any kind of driving at high speeds is considered as too dangerous by regular auto insurance providers, even if you are not timed or are not actually racing other vehicles.

You shouldn’t let this prevent you from taking part in track day events. However, you are going to need to purchase additional coverage for your vehicle. Accidents can happen on a track and it is important to make sure you are properly insured. Your track day insurance policy should also cover damage or injuries you could cause to other vehicles or drivers.

The best way to find track day insurance is to look for an insurance company that specializes in this kind of coverage. You can find out more about insurance providers by talking to other drivers who also take part in track day events or by using the Internet to find insurance providers. You should also contact your current insurance provider to see if they offer additional coverage you could purchase on top of your existing policy.

Purchasing track day insurance does not mean you should cancel your current coverage since this type of insurance policy will not cover you for every day driving. Think of a track day policy as coverage that will apply when you are driving on a track but that will not provide you with the kind of comprehensive coverage you need for everyday driving.

There are different options available to you if you need to insure your vehicle for driving on a closed circuit. Most insurance providers offer affordable coverage that will cover your vehicle on a specific date or duration. This is a good option if you plan on racing in an event that will last a day or over a weekend. This is the most affordable way to purchase insurance for your vehicle if you do not plan on making driving on a track something you do on a regular basis.

If you are very interested in tracking your car and plan on participating in several events, you can save money by purchasing an insurance policy that covers you for a longer period of time. You can for instance insure your vehicle for an entire year or for a few months if you plan on tracking your car regularly.

Take the time to compare different policies and insurance providers before purchasing coverage. Look for an insurance provider that has a good reputation and buy a policy that provides you with the kind of coverage you need. If you have a lot invested in your vehicle, you should definitely look into purchasing a policy that would cover the entire value of your car if you crashed it.

You also need to find out more about the type of events that will be covered by your insurance policy. Some insurance providers will insure your vehicle regardless of the track or event you are taking part in, while others will limit your coverage to a specific type of event where some guidelines are followed. Make sure you purchase coverage that will apply to the type of event you are interested in.

Purchasing track day coverage can seem expensive at first but you cannot afford to track your car without being insured. This could result in a huge loss if you wreck your car and have to cover hospital bills, and driving on a track without being insured is not responsible if there will be other drivers on the track. Assess how much coverage you need, ask yourself what the ideal duration would be for the coverage and find out more about the event you plan on participating in. Compare different track day insurance providers to find affordable prices and to find a policy that corresponds to what you need for your vehicle.