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Adam Sixt wins Bill Bigley Memorial at McKean County Raceway!
Watson, Stebbing, Dobson, and Heineman also go to Victory Lane!

East Smethport, PA (August 7, 2014) Bill Bigley was remembered at McKean County Raceway with a special RUSH Crate Late Model feature in honor of the Port Allegany native, one of the pioneers of stock car racing in McKean County. When Curtis Peters threw the checkers it was Adam Sixt collecting the win.

In other action Close Racing Supply Street Stocks points leader Kurt Stebbing made his third trip to Victory Lane this season, Conneaut, OH's Joel Watson won the Modified feature in his first visit of the season in a caution-free feature, Jason Dobson collected his sixth win of the year in the Pure Stock feature, and Holden Heineman got his second Mini Stock win of the season.

Randy Taylor and Butch Talbot started the Close Racing Supply Street Stocks feature from the front row with Taylor jumping into the lead at the drop of the green but points leader Kurt Stebbing was the leader at the end of one with Joe Chamberlain second. Five-time winner Jeremy Williams came to second by the end of four laps with Taylor back to third, then Talbot and Chamberlain. By eight laps in Talbot and Chamberlain had got back by Taylor. Greg Fisher looped his car in turn three at the completion of nine laps, slowing the event with the top five remaining the same for the restart. Chamberlain spun one lap after green, again slowing the race. Four cars, including Chamberlain, Fisher, Victor Earle Jr, and Ryan Snyder, got together coming out of two after a restart for an errant cone at eleven laps in for caution number four. Stebbings led the way the remainder of the event with Williams second, Ted Mascho up to third at the end, Taylor fourth, and Rich Wojtowicz fifth.

Joel Watson and young Jake Euker, led the Modifieds to green with Watson going out to the early lead. Three time winner John Woodward was up to third behind Euker after one lap with two time winner Al Brewer fourth. Watson caught the back markers at lap eleven with Woodward trying the inside line to drop Eucker a spot but the youngster from Ohio held on all the way for the runner-up spot in his first visit to McKean County Raceway. Brewer wound up fourth with Kirk Bradley fifth.

Ward Schell and Adam Sixt got the RUSH Crate Late Models field to Curtis Peters' green flag to start the Bill Bigley Memorial. Sixt built up a big lead before caution slowed the field at lap five for spun cars at both ends of the track. For the green Sixt led Schell, Damien Bidwell, Brad Mesler, and Max Blair back to the green. Six cars piled up heading into turn one after Mesler spun, accordioning the field. Sixt, Schell, and Bidwell led the field back to the green again with Blair now fourth and Chad Ruhlman fifth. After green Ruhlman came to fourth while Sixt continued to lead. With just three laps remaining, just as Sixt was catching the back markers, Craig Dean looped his mount in turn two, tightening the field for the final laps. The final laps were Sixt, Schell, Bidwell, Ruhlman, and Blair to the finish.

Points leader Roger Schweikart and Dustin Raught led the Pure Stocks to the green for their feature with Schweikart leading the way but caution slowing the field right away. After resumption of the race, Raught led the way Joe Layfield coming to second after another caution at lap two. At five complete Jason Dobson had advanced to third and then got by Layfield with seven complete. Dobson then began hounding Raught for the lead getting by on the high side at lap ten. Dobson then powered away to his sixth win of the season over Raught, Schweikart, Moose Reed, and Art Peterson.

Lindsey Carlson Jr, led the way after starting from the pole with Holden Heineman starting outside and falling into line at the start. Eric Canfield ran third with Thomas Cupp to fourth at the end of three laps. Heineman challenged for the lead early with caution falling at lap four when Canfield slowed suddenly to a crawl in traffic. Heineman got even with Carlson on lap six but Carlson quickly regained the lead only to have Heineman even again at lap seven and leading a lap later. Aaron Bartas jumped one of the backstretch marker tires at eleven laps in and slowed, bringing yellow again. Heineman jumped back into the lead after green, holding it to the checkers for his second win of the year with Carlson second, Davey Lowe Jr third, Casey Burch fourth and Andy Proper fifth.

MCR will sit idle till Saturday, August 30 when the Patriot Sprint Cars return for their second visit of the  year with the RUSH Touring Late Model Series having their $30,000 Manufacturer Night event plus the Steve Preston Memorial for the street stocks.  A regular program for the Close Racing Supply Emods, Pure Stocks and Mini Stocks.    With the county fair going on this week, race fans are reminded to come out Thursday night for the RUSH Touring Series event and the Lee Anderson Memorial for the street stocks.


RUSH Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: Andy Michael, Craig Dean, Ward Schell, Brad Mesler, Doug Ricotta, Cody Mason, Steve Watson, Scott Fitch, John Haggerty, Sherman Gage
Heat 2: Damien Bidwell, Adam Sixt, Brady Wonderling, Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, Chad Ruhlman, Garrett Mott, Steve Dixon, Bill Mesler
Feature: Adam Sixt, Ward Schell, Damien Bidwell, Chad Ruhlman, Max Blair, Andy Michael, Brady Wonderling, Cody Mason, Brad Mesler, Doug Ricotta, Bill Mesler, John Haggerty, Steve Watson, Scott Fitch, Garrett Mott, Steve Dixon, Craig Dean, Wyatt Scott, Sherman Gage

Heat 1: John Woodward, Al Brewer, Jake Eucker, Vic Vena, John Boardman, Justin Chaddock, Joe Boylan
Heat 2: Mike Kinney, Joel Watson, Kirk Bradley, Tim Peterson, Adam Peterson, Carl Ballinger
Feature: Joel Watson, Jake Euker, John Woodward, Al Brewer, Kirk Bradley, Mike Kinney, Vic Vena, Tim Peterson, John Boardman, Justin Chaddock, Carl Ballinger, Tim Peterson, Joe Boylan

Close Racing Supply Street Stocks:
Heat 1: Jeremy Williams, Kurt Stebbing, Gary Fisher, Victor Earle Jr, Ryan Snyder, Dennis Cummings, Ron Winslow
Heat 2: Randy Taylor, Joe Chamberlain, Butch Talbot, Ted Mascho, Jason Dobson, Rich Wojtowicz, Steve Sklar
Feature: Kurt Stebbing, Jeremy Williams, Ted Mascho, Randy Taylor, Rich Wojtowicz, Steve Sklar, Jason Dobson, Ron Winslow, Ryan Snyder, Butch Talbot, Gary Fisher, Joe Chamberlain, Victor Earle Jr, Dennis Cummings

Pure Stocks:
Heat 1: Jason Dobson, Dustin Raught, Joe Layfield, Moose Reed, Steve Hauben, Cliff Easton, Art Peterson

Heat 2: Roger Schweikart, Dustin Michuck, Tim Burkett, Brad Curran Jr, Jeff Johnson Jr, Anthony Schoonover
Feature: Jason Dobson, Dustin Raught, Roger Schweikart, Moose Reed, Art Peterson, Joe Layfield, Brad Curran Jr, Jeff Johnson Jr, Dustin Michuck, Tim Burkett, Cliff Easton, Anthony Schoonover, Steve Hauben

Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Lindsey Carlson Jr, Chris Paar, Thomas Cupp, Brian Kunsleman, Richard Kline Sr, Matthew Burrell, Kurt Babcock
Heat 2: Eric Canfield, Mitch Boylan, Codie Baker, Casey Burch, Aaron Bartas, Andy Proper
Heat 3: Holden Heinemann, Davey Lowe Jr, Larry Mitchell Sr, Matt Putt, Travis Babcock, Dave Lowe Sr
Feature: Holden Heineman, Lindsey Carlson Jr, Davey Lowe Jr, Casey Burch, Andy Proper, Codie Baker, Travis Babcock, Brian Kunsleman, Matt Putt, Matthew Burrell, Richard Kline Sr, Larry Mitchell Sr, Dave Lowe Sr, Aaron Bartas, Thomas Cupp, Chris Paar, Eric Canfield, Mitch Boylan, Kurt Babcock

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